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Frequently Asked Questions

How to place an order? / I wasn’t able to add products to cart on the website. How can I place the order now?
What do I do if I receive something other than what was ordered?
Do you ship internationally?
How will you ship my order to me?
How long until I receive my order?
What if I am not satisfied with the quality of the product received?
What are the payments methods available/ What are my payment options?
Is cash on delivery available?
Can I get a refund? If yes, what is the procedure for that?
Can I change my delivery address?
How do I request an item back in stock?
For how long can I store the seeds before they are sown?
Do the seeds come with an expiry date? What if I do not plant them all at once?
Are your seeds organic?
Do you have a physical store?
Will I get a refund if my order was not successful but a transaction was made on my card?
Can I create an account in your store, if yes, are there any perks of creating an account on MeKisan?
Is it safe to purchase seeds from your store? Are your website and transaction system certified?