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Who We Are

Tierra Agrotech Limited , headquartered in Hyderabad, India, is a Next Generation Agriculture company focussed on developing superior quality seeds stacked with traits, driven by modern technologies, that provides significant benefits and value to farmers, stake holders and further contribute to corporate growth. Tierra got passionately engaged in research, development, production, processing, and commercialization of value enhanced - differentiated products in major crops like Cotton, Rice, Corn, Mustard, Tomato and Okra.

MeKisan stands as the flagship brand by Tierra Agrotech Limited, serving as the overarching umbrella for the urban and small-scale kitchen garden sector. MeKisan specializes in offering an extensive range of vegetable, ornamental, and medicinal crops, tailored to meet the distinct needs of gardening enthusiasts, urban farmers, and small-scale landholders.

Our aspiration for MeKisan is to establish it as the preeminent and most trusted brand among both home users and smallholding farmers within the realms of vegetables, ornamental, and medicinal crops. This vision encompasses several key aspects that will shape our journey:
Trustworthiness: We aim to instill a sense of reliability and trust in every aspect of MeKisan's offerings. Through consistent quality, transparent practices, and dependable support, we strive to become a brand that customers and farmers can always rely upon.
Home Users and Smallholding Farmers: Our focus is not only on serving the needs of home gardeners but also on nurturing a strong bond with smallholding farmers. By providing tailored solutions, expert guidance, and a range of relevant products, we aim to be an integral partner in their agricultural endeavors.
Vegetables, Ornamental, and Medicinal Crops: Our commitment extends across diverse segments, including vegetables for nourishment, ornamental for beauty, and medicinal crops for wellness. By excelling in these categories, we aim to cater comprehensively to a wide array of plant-related aspirations.
Quality and Excellence: Achieving the status of the most trusted brand requires unwavering dedication to quality and excellence. We pledge to consistently deliver top-notch seeds, plants, and support services that exceed expectations and contribute to the success of every gardening and farming venture.
Education and Support: Building trust involves not only delivering products but also providing knowledge and guidance. We aspire to be an educational resource, offering expert advice and solutions to empower our customers and farmers for success.
Community and Relationships: Our journey to becoming the most trusted brand involves fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for plants, gardening, and farming. By nurturing strong relationships and connections, we aim to create an environment where trust naturally flourishes.

Our goal is to etch the name "MeKisan" into the hearts and minds of home users and smallholding farmers alike. Through integrity, dedication, quality, and a commitment to serving a diverse range of plant-related aspirations, we envision MeKisan as a beacon of trust and excellence in the world of agriculture

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