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Season Specific Packs

Kharif Season Packs (June - September)

    The Kharif season, from June to September, brings the monsoon rains and fertile conditions for vegetable cultivation. Sow a variety of vegetables like okra, pumpkin, and gourds that thrive in the warm and wet climate, ensuring a bountiful harvest. Embrace the Kharif season to nurture a diverse range of vegetables and reap the rewards of nature's abundance.

Rabi Season Packs (October - February)

    The Rabi season, spanning from October to March, signifies a time of cooler temperatures and abundant growth for vegetables. Crops like spinach, carrots, peas, and onions flourish in this period, making the most of the post-monsoon climate. Embrace the Rabi season to nurture a variety of nutritious vegetables and enhance your garden's bounty.

Summer Season Packs (March-June)

    The summer season, from March to June, ushers in a vibrant time for vegetable cultivation. With longer days and warmer temperatures, crops like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and more thrive, offering a colorful and flavorful bounty. Embrace the sun's energy and cultivate a garden brimming with the essence of the season

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